Trey Lance

Trey Lance-The 49ers have embarked on a new journey.

The San Francisco 49ers have made a trade with the Dallas Cowboys for quarterback Trey Lance, who was drafted in the first round as the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, after trading three picks from the first round and a pick from the third round in exchange for a pick in the fourth round in a deal that took less than three years to happen.

Trey Lance

Lance was supposed to play for the 49ers, but now he’s in Dallas as a potential backup for Dak Prescott.

Dallas came up, and they went up and got him because he really wanted it. And I believe it will be a terrific place for him to land. I can tell everybody it didn’t work out because of a lack of effort on Trey’s or our part,” Lynch said.

According to reports, the Cowboys will need to pay the 49ers $940,000 for the remainder of 2023 and $5.3 million in 2024, all guaranteed, and after this season, they will have to decide whether to pick up his fifth-year option for 2025. Despite having started only 17 games in North Dakota State, and with the 49ers already equipped with the experienced Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback, they sent three first-round picks and a third-round pick to Miami, moving up from 12th to 3rd overall, to select who they believed could be the franchise quarterback.

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Lance began his rookie season as Garoppolo’s backup, but he quickly got his starting duties in Week 5 after the experienced player suffered an injury. However, during the game, Lance suffered a knee injury that pushed him back behind Garoppolo on the depth chart. Although he made a second start in Week 17, Garoppolo returned after getting injured again.

After taking over Lance’s spot, Garoppolo also suffered an injury, and in his place emerged Trey Lance. Pardee, who was drafted by the 49ers in 2021 (as Lance that year), led the San Francisco team to the NFC Championship Game.

Despite the trade by the 49ers, Lance had fallen to third on the depth chart before. But things took another turn in March when he signed with the former Jets’ bust Sam Darnold and later won the backup job in August with the 49ers.

Once the 49ers elevated Darnold ahead of Lance on the depth chart, the writing was on the wall. “When we told him he was going to be the third, if he could get another good opportunity, we’d let him do that, and he did,” coach Kyle Shanahan said.
” “We think it’ll be better for him, and I think we will, too.”

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