Packers Preseason Highlights

The Green Bay Packers’ training camp concluded on Thursday, and now, with their palm against the Seattle Seahawks 19- 15 on Saturday in the Lambeau Field, they have made their presence felt in the preseason books. My quick take from what I observed in the press box is handed below.


Players Highlights

• Fourteen players were inactive, including David Bakhtiari, Jaye Alexander, Aaron Jones, Devontae Adams, Bo Melton, Tarvarius Moore, Luke Tenuta, Eric Stokes, Luke Nichols, Henry Pearson, Tyler Goodson,D’Andre Campbell, and Romeo Dubs. And Rashan Gary. The only real surprise was Dubs being out, and he was scratched due to a hamstring injury. The inflexibility of the injury is unknown at this time.

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• In the early obnoxious line, Rashid Walker at left attack, Josh Myers at center, and Jach Tom at right attack were present, along with Elgton Jenkins and John Runyan in their usual spots. It surely seems that Walker has pushed Myers back on the depth map. I do not suppose the Packers will deal with Nijman- there is not much further depth at attack- but he is the fourth option right now and the Packers also like Caleb Jones.

• On the alternate platoon’s obnoxious line, we saw Runyan and Tom again at center. After the Cincinnati game, when we saw Runyan at center, Matt LaFleur said,” If commodity bad happens, you’ve got to be ready to go, so I just wanted to get him some reps in the game representative.” I still suppose Myers is starting Week 1, but the Packers are keeping an eye on others.

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• As I lately wrote, all signs point to him being one of the starters to begin the time. In the deeper safety unit, Jonathan Owens and Anthony Johnson were present. It seems like these four plus Delano Levitt are making a shot to produce a safety room.

• You can add Malik Heath to the canon cinch order. With Dubs out, he was starting alongside Christian Watson and Jaden Reed. He caught several receptions again and made some good downfield blocks.

• There might be some conspiracy about the 53- man canon with Heath’s stint in Samore, especially whether he makes the 53- man canon. I still believe he does. He is been a big part of the attack during camp, getting his picture taken withstarters.However, I would have to suppose he would get further time in the offense this time, If they wanted to keep him as a seventh receiver. Another question is whether Grant Dubose has enough time to work to make the platoon. His performance moment was quiet. For now, I suppose the Packers are keeping seven receivers again.

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• Daniel Whelan had two emotional punts- bone that was downed inside the 10 and another( that was negated by a penalty on Seattle) that was projected at the 11- yard line. As time goes on, I suppose the Packers pivot to Whelan’s capability and save$1.5 million on PatO’Donnell. Like said, counting on a neophyte holder and kick is a parlous move.

• The early protective line continues to show a strong performance in pass protection.

• Jordan Love finished the day9/15 for 63 yards with a touchdown pass, 21 rushing yards, and a passer standing of91.8. For what it’s worth, Love’s several first- platoon reps were not there, but his fund presence was relatively good, managing any pressure that came his way. While he underthrew Christian Watson on a deep pass, he did take care of the ball, leading another scoring drive.

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• Teaser Slater was on the field remonstrating off to the Packers in Lambeau, but was caught back in the field by Jake Bobo on the touchdown pass he gave up. His capability to play from the niche or as a traditional safety has the Packersintrigued.However, I could see the fifth corner spot coming down to Bobo and Genes, If Eric Stokes starts the season on Doggy.

• In the alternate half, Jonathan Ford, Colby Woodin, Branton Cox, and Carl Brooks’ protective line configuration was wreaking annihilation. Cox did not play in the first half, but he’d two quick stops and a batted pass in the third quarter. Keeping six edge dawdlers is important for the Packers.

• Patrick Taylor again beat Emmanuel Wilson for a special platoon snap. Wilson’s another good pantomime as a gunner, but his decision on special brigades units is imminent.

• Patrick Taylor was formerly again ahead of Emmanuel Wilson on special brigades snaps. Wilson had another good caching as a kick returner, but crucial special brigades units are where he is gaining elevation.

• Royce Newman, Sean Ryan, and Caleb Jones were all playing in the fourth quarter. Perhaps, if the Packers keep nine offensive linemen – which they often do – these three players are competing for two spots. If they go heavy and keep 10, all three could make it. Jones was taking some first-team reps on Thursday – the team seems to like him, while Ryan has looked more compatible compared to Newman, who had two penalties in this game alone.
• I’m not sure about the situation regarding Tarik Carpenter in making the final roster. On one hand, he was a main special teams player last season, and in this heat, he has shown glimpses of that ability – although not as often as I had hoped. Defensively, he showed good plays against the run today, identifying plays and working his way around blockers in the backfield. But he seems somewhat uncertain in his new position. Based on playing time, while Eric Wilson could be a seasoned player, I think the Packers have held onto him. So the question is whether they keep four linebackers or include Carpenter as the fifth? He was there for most of the fourth quarter during this preseason.
• Jada Kiss Bonds wrapped up a good two-week practice with a strong performance in this game against Alex McGough. I hope he will be in the practice squad.
• Training camp has been up and down for Takkarist McKinley, but I felt he had some good acting as a disruptor in the early scenes. The sooner he consistently harnesses that ability, the better it is for the Packers’ defense, especially without Tyler Davis.
• The roster needs to be finalized by Tuesday, August 29, and it needs to be trimmed from 90 players to 53.

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