Biden has extended his support to California due to the ongoing environmental crises triggered by the heatwave Hillary. The state was hit by a heatwave that brought extreme temperatures, and on Sunday afternoon, there was a significant earthquake that had an influence on the people of Los Angeles.


In a statement, Biden mentioned, “Under my direction, FEMA has been mobilized to deploy federal workers and resources to California, which can reach affected communities.” “Coastal guardians have already positioned aircraft to facilitate quick responses and search-and-rescue efforts.”

Biden also spoke to California Governor Gavin Newsom as the state was put under emergency conditions in preparation for the clash with the heatwave on the west coast of the United States.
“I’ll keep getting updates on our storm preparations and any floods that might result from the approaching storm.

My administration is willing to provide further support if necessary. I beg you all to take this storm seriously and heed the advice of regional and local officials,” urged Biden.

During the encounter of the heatwave Hillary with California, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake was recorded on Sunday afternoon, centered in Ojai, California. Although no major damages have been reported, the residents of Southern California felt a significant jolt.

According to Biden, his administration and himself are paying close attention to the circumstances surrounding the Southern California earthquake and its aftershocks.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has announced the closure of schools in Southern California on Monday due to the ongoing heatwave’s impact.

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As soon as the path of the heatwave Hillary became clear, my administration took immediate action in preparation. Under my direction, FEMA has positioned federal workers and supplies in California that can reach affected communities.

Coastal guardians have already deployed aircraft for swift response and search and rescue efforts. In order to provide further support, my administration has also sent federal employees to Nevada. We will continue to work with California, Nevada, and Arizona to coordinate any additional resources they might need.

This afternoon, I spoke with California Governor Gavin Newsom about emergency preparations and initial response to the impending heatwave Hillary. I will continue to be briefed on our preparation efforts and the potential effects of the impending storm, including flooding.

Whenever more help is required, my administration is prepared to offer it. I humbly beg everyone to take this storm seriously and heed the instructions of state and municipal authorities. The Southern California earthquake and its aftershocks are also under close observation by us.

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