Lucy Letby

Louise Letby, the nurse who worked at a hospital, can never fully explain the reasons behind her attempts to murder and harm children. However, during the 10-month trial of the nurse at Manchester Crown Court, the prosecution provided jurors with several possible motives.

Louise Letby

Louise Letby Found Joy in ‘Playing God’

  • Prosecutor Nick Johnson QC suggested that Letby, a neonatal nurse, found joy in causing harm to children and played the role of ‘God,’ then becoming the first woman to alert her colleagues about their deterioration.

She made ‘Signs of Destruction’ Too

  • Described as expressing comments as “indications of doom” by the prosecution, Letby had also been heard making similar comments following the sudden deterioration of some of her patients.
  • After her final death in June 2016, she reportedly told doctors, ‘He’s not leaving here alive, is he?’ The boy, a few days short of three weeks old, died.
  • Letby, then about 20, made similar comments about the previous two deaths.
  • She knew what would happen, Johnson told the jury.
  • She was controlling things. She was taking pleasure in what was happening.
  • She was predicting things she knew were going to happen. In reality, she was playing the role of God.’

The Nature of Her Relationship

  • Letby constantly denied having a relationship with the married doctor who was implicated by the prosecution as having worked at the Countess of Chester Hospital and could not be named for legal reasons.

Messages Presented in Court

  • Text messages presented in court revealed that even after being removed from the neonatal unit in July 2016, Letby continued to message on a regular basis, swapping heart emojis for ‘love, care and support,’ and meeting outside work several times – including a day trip to London.
  • The nature of their relationship was described as significant: he was one of the doctors called in when sudden deteriorations occurred. It was suggested she caused harm to ‘have his personal attention.’ Letby denied this.
Mum of tot ‘murdered by Lucy Letby ‘saw her daughter die after being rushed into a neonatal unit full of medics’

Sadness in Louise Letby’s Bond with Babies

  • Being the band 5 nurse, Letby was qualified to care for the sickest babies in the neonatal unit, which meant she often wanted to be in the nursery one, the intensive care section.
  • She admitted during examination that she felt less excited about working with such babies when she was given babies that didn’t require as much medical attention.

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She was ‘Not Good Enough’ to Care for Them

  • After her arrest in July 2018, written post-it notes found in Letby’s handbag, presented as corroborative evidence, contained statements such as ‘I’ve killed them because I’m not good enough to do the job,’ and ‘I’m evil, I’ve done it.’ Also, “I’ll never have kids or get married. I’ll never know what having a family is like.”
  • Letby told jurors that these notes were the ramblings of someone struggling with mental pain, written during a period when she was suspended from work until investigations into the unusual deaths were completed – and contained several innocent passages too.
  • It is evident that the documents gave police officers their first real insight into the mind of the alleged serial killer nurse. Nevertheless, they were never presented in court as concrete proof of her intentions.
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